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  • Ramen TAKARA

    Ramen TAKARA

    As luck would have it - another Japanese eatery on the North Shore ! This time in Anzac Road,...

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  • Mentatz


    Mentatz is located on Lorne Street, in the city. The proprietor, Mr Kudo, had racked up considerable kitchen “chops”,...

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  • TANPOPO Ramen

    TANPOPO Ramen

    A noodle shop, & a very good one at that. Tanpopo (meaning “dandelion” in our vernacular)serves one style, and...

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  • Ramen ICHIBAN

    Ramen ICHIBAN

    Ichiban means Number One in Japanese. Given the name, this eatery’s main focus is serving ramen. Ramen noodles come...

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About Japanese Restaurant Guide

We admire the effort and the confidence of the Japanese restaurants here in New Zealand. We also look forward to the new styles of food and the creations they will come up with as they continue to progress individually, and as they blend these elements with New Zealand cooking culture.

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