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Nishiki Japanese Restaurant / Botany


Robata-yaki means having dinner and drinks in a cozy, relaxed and social atmosphere, watching the kitchen. Because most of the dishes we specialize in are grilled and deep fried (food) etc and they are snack sized, you can order many different kinds of foods (from this menu), sharing foods makes much more economic sense.

There is one more important accompaniment for Robata-yaki. That’s liquor! We have a wide selection of Japanese sake you can enjoy hot or cold as well as wine and beer. As for wine, you can bring as many bottle as you would like ($2.5 corkage a person).

Before you order foods, we would like you to understand Robata-yaki style. Robata-yaki does not have a course style like European food, which means that there is no sequence like appetizers, soups, mains etc. For example, we might sometimes serve you chicken teriyaki or sushi faster than salad.

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We admire the effort and the confidence of the Japanese restaurants here in New Zealand. We also look forward to the new styles of food and the creations they will come up with as they continue to progress individually, and as they blend these elements with New Zealand cooking culture.

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